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A happier fate
We collect abandoned, lost or stray animals throughout Andalusia. Increasingly, the fate of these animals is adoption thanks to animals shelters we built in 2002 in Ribera de Valcasao (Huelva). 700 metres contain with 70 individual kennels, 25 individual cages for cats, 5 horse boxes, a pigeon house and a fully prepared area for exotic species.

Free for everyone
Both the service of animal collection and that of adoption are totally free since it is a social service provided by the Environmental Council of the City of Huelva to all its citizens and to other interested parties from the rest of Spain. This valuable service also allows the economic impact of stray animals in the cities to be reduced.

From here, we would like to encourage other Spanish provinces to collaborate with us and to build more animal shelters to ensure healthy and decent treatment of animals.

Animal collection
We have various types of vehicles for the collection and transport of animals to the animal shelter. These vehicles comply with all the norms of hygiene and safety.

For the collection of dogs and cats, the most numerous, we use cages that are sufficiently big not to stress the animals during the journey and with water and food, so that it eats well. The animal handlers of ATHISA MEDIO AMBIENTE se encargan de atraparlos con lazos anatómicos, sin dañarlos y de forma segura.

Personalised record
There is a personalised record for every animal in which we note the date and place of collection, its species and physiognomy with the size, fur and health condition, and if it presents signs of illness among other data. All the records are put on the computer immediately in the centre’s offices.

The refuge centre we have described has a capacity for 1.500 animals a year. There are kept as well as possible in individual spaces where there do not run the risk of being attacked by others. The dog kennels as well as the other facilities make it easy for people interested in adopted to visit :
At every moment care is taken with their feeding and hygiene and they are highly qualified veterinary surgeons available 24 hours a day in case of sickness. We try by every possible method to cure the animals when it is possible.

Eutanasia y cremación en > Residuo animal

Adoption and donation
If you are interested in adopting an animal or to give it up for adoption, fill it this form with your data and we shall study your request and give you a replay as quick as possible.


I´d like to
Tipo de animal


None of the dogs below will be found in our list for adoption :

Akita Inu
American Staffordshire Terrier
Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Stray animals given their terrible conditions of life are reservoirs of many diseases to be taken into account when dealing with them:

From ecteroparasites
Demodecic scabies
Sarcoptic scabies
Notoedric scabies
Otodectic scabies

From protozoaires
Lyme disease

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